Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!! (and donut of misery update)

Day 291

Wow. Just wow. Can you even believe it's January 1st? And 2011?? Whoa. So much has happened in the last year. And SO many good things wait for us in 2011.

2010 consisted of a new apartment, new friends, a very hard goodbye for a deployment, a wonderful vacation with our parents, our 3rd wedding anniversary, my 1st surgery, an amazing 2 week R&R that seemed to go by in only hours, and some holidays spent with new friends. It's all gone by in a whirl wind. But I am so glad I can finally say I will see Joe this year!

Oh, and the donut of misery is looking SOOOO good!! I don't hate it anymore. It's now a donut of awesomeness, as Joe put it. I remember looking at others' donuts at about the same point and being so insanely jealous. It seems like it took FOREVER for it to get to the halfway point. But the red just keeps disappearing now, quicker than I ever imagined.

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