Saturday, January 1, 2011


Have you heard of Swagbucks?? If you haven't, you seriously need to get on board. I was kinda apprehensive at first. It kinda seemed too good to be true. But just last week, I cashed in most of my Swagbucks for a $10 Barnes & Noble e-gift card. And it totally works! Just go to to get stated. They will even give you 30 Swagbucks to start with. OR I would love you the most if you let me give you a referral. I've never given anyone a referral before so I really want to try this out. Just leave your email address in a comment or email it to and I will send you a referral.

To get points, I use it as a search engine, and I have the tool bar on my Internet Explorer. You get one Swagbuck everyday just for having the toolbar. I usually get Swagbucks once in the morning and once in the evening using the search engine. It's usually between 8 and 12 Swagbucks. And then I take the daily poll, for one Swagbuck. I love polls in general, so I never miss that one. And then I check out the surveys. I've only been able to take a few surveys, but the Swagbucks you earn are totally worth the time. Oh, and the codes! I'm not a huge code hunter, but if I'm not doing anything else, I will go look for them. Some are much easier to find than others, say if they are in the blog or inbox. But some are hidden in the Swagbucks TV shows. I'm still new to it all, but these are the easiest ways I find Swagbucks.
Then go check out the REWARDS!! There are many e-gift cards that require fewer Swagbucks than the Barnes & Noble one. Like, there is a $5 Amazon one for 450 Swagbucks. But since I just got a Nook E-reader, I wanted the B&N one. It is something I have to save up for, but it's free money, so I think it's worth it.

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Sarah said...

So, I want to try this Swagbucks thing. =) How long did it take you to earn enough points for that e-gift card?