Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Day 295

Classes started this week. I am so excited about this term, for many reasons. The classes seem like they will be very informative and even sorta fun, in a super nerdy "I like Stats" kind of a way. And Joe will be back during this term, or at least not long after.

I must vent for a brief moment. I've stumbled across a few new blogs lately. And they are very... well.... arrogant. I never stood here on my high horse and declaired that all Army wives are just like me, and should behave just like me. This is just a blog of my experiences and trials while being married to a Soldier. But some of these women, geez.

"I am a female Soldier, you have to act like this."

"My husband is in the Military, and this is the way things are. Period."

"I'm a dual Army family, this is the RIGHT way to do things."

Well, all I have to say is... STFU!! Not everyone is like you. Not everyone thinks the way you do, or copes the way you do, or comes from the same kind of family, or even with a similar history. And yes, it's their blog, and they can write whatever they want.. blah blah blah. That's why the PSA is here, and not in a comment on their blogs. It's one thing to document your life online, to shed some light on a little piece of someone's military/milspouse/dependent life. But to tell people that their way is the only way, well, I'm not down with that. This is a blog, not some sort of deep meaning handbook for the way an Army wife's life should be. Just a small corner of the interweb where I can share my feelings. And the arrogance of some people to think they have it all figured out, all the hardships solved, well, good for you, I guess. But your arrogance doesnt do anything for the people who disagree with you, except make their experiences harder because you need to put them down to make yourself feel superior.

My new montra for others- THINK before you speak. Thank you.


Just Another MilSpouse said...

I haven't yet come across the blogs you referred to, but I agree with everything you said. We all may have similar situations but we all handle it differently and nobody can tell us how we SHOULD handle being a milwife.

Anyway, congrats on school, I loved stats too. It's ok to be a nerd. Embrace your Dork-li-ness and be proud to wear that pocket protector, LOL.

Good luck in class.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* Those types of people just haven't figured out this life yet. They'll learn sooner or later that those attitudes are self-defeating.

Optimistic Liz said...

HELL YA you go girl! :) Everyone has a different military experience and no way is the right way.