Friday, January 7, 2011


Day 302

I love hearing from Joe about the redeployment stuff. I wont post is here, OPSEC, but I can tell you we got a mail cutoff date this week. This is what I was waiting for. To me, this means the end is near. The redeployment timeline keeps changing, but its awesome to hear about that too. And according to Joe, "stuff is starting to get moving around here." FREAKING AWESOME!!! It means more work for Joe. And I hate that for him. But I cant help but bo SO EXCITED about them wrapping this deployment up!! And Joe also got word that the next deployment for his current unit was pushed back just far enough that he probably wont have to deploy again before he ETSs. Fingers and toes are crossed, as we all know the dates can change. But oh pretty pretty pretty please!! I dont want to have to do this again - and to Afghanistan at that! No thank you!!

My classes are going great! Family systems is taught by a 70 year old man. But I'm learning a lot, even though I have NO interest in being a therapist. But it's a required class, and at least the text is interesting. And stats, well, what can I say. I LOVE stats!! I love data entry. I love math. I love formulas. And it fits in more with my goal for my psychology degree, which would be doing research. And the professor is just the funniest guy ever. He doesnt seem like your typical stuffy stats-teaching professor. He used real world examples to explain the theories. Totally psyched about this class. Even with all the work.

I have to share a cute story with you. We got a fairly large snow storm with weekend. But post wasnt closed on Monday. On my way home, traffic was going very slow and the line of turning cars in front of me had basically stopped. The line of traffic was curved slightly so I could see the tiny white Dodge Neon at the front of the line. But I couldnt see the tiny car spinning out on the ice. There were two extended cab pickup trucks behind her and infront of me. Almost of cue, all 8 doors opened at once. 8 Soldiers got out of the trucks and headed towards the tiny white car. The car just wasnt able to get any traction. Two Soldiers went into the oncoming traffic to stop the other line of cars while the other 6 Soldiers pushed the car onto the other road and made sure it could get going. Even through my closed windows I could hear people cheering. So I of course rolled down my window to howler too. These guys need to know we all saw what they did and thought it was awesome!! It made me feel so good to know that I'm part of a community where it's members would get out of their vehicles in 8 degree weather to help another person. My heart swelled.

And on a personal level, and a much more hurtful tone, I'm done with the hate on Facebook and Twitter. I removed some blogs and unfollowed some people because I'm sick of hearing about the bigotry from so many people. With all this talk about homosexuals and gay marriage and abortion and religion and politics, I'm just sick of it! We are ALL humans. We are ALL equal. And it really pisses me off when someone thinks they are better than someone else or must be right because they are straight or Christian or Republican or Democrat. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion. But if you have to put others down to make yourself fell better or superior, you need to take a really close look at yourself. You arent better than someone else because you are heterosexual. You arent better than someone because of the religion you follow or the news channel you watch. "Well, my beliefs say... blah blah blah." YEAH! They are YOUR beliefs. Not necessarily ours. And to think that you feel entitled to force your beliefs on other people!! Who the fuck are you!!??! How you live your life is completely up to you. But how the rest of of us live our lives has nothing to do with you and YOUR beliefs. If someone wants to get an abortion, who cares!?! It's their life and their body and their choice and THEIR beliefs. If someone's gay, who cares!?! It's their life, they can live it any way they want to. And they dont need you to label them and tell them their lifestyle is wrong or a sin. The hate isnt doing anything for our country and our future. You dont have to accept others' lifestyles or beliefs. But you have no right to tell them how they should be living.


Jessica said...

I am getting so excited about redeployment, homecomings, stop mail dates that it's beyond ridiculous.

I love the story of the soldiers. It made me tear up in a good way! Soldiers are definitely a different breed.

Chantal said...

That's a great story about the soldiers. I had an experience near Fort Carson like that years ago! My car pretty much died in the middle of the road, and some soldiers saw, did a U-turn, came back and pushed my car to the side of the road. I thought it was great!!

You're so close to having him home! Yay!