Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loving my giveaway bracelets!

I just wanted to share my giveaway prizes with y'all. Jenna over at Among the Blossoms had a blog giveaway of her handmade bracelets that she sells on Etsy, here is a LINK to her site, Bloomtastic. I got them in the mail yesterday and slipped the dragonfly bracelet on before I ran off to work. I'm a big bracelet gal, I have so many, but my co-worker instantly noticed this one, and knows how much I love dragonflys. It looks totally different in the sun, the gemstones sparkle SO bright! I was slightly worried they wouldnt fit, my wrist measures at exactly 7 inches. But these are PERFECT!!! Thanks again Jenna!!

Dragonfly Fertility Bracelet

Key to my Heart Fertility/Healing Bracelet


Jenna said...

Oh I'm so glad you love them! Congrats again on winning!

I rarely get to see pictures of people wearing the jewelry I make, so I'm lovin' the picture of it on your wrist. :)

FallonElla said...

Very pretty!

Eve said...

oh, so cute!