Wednesday, February 9, 2011

47 Weeks Down!!!

Day 330

It's almost too much to take. I am so excited!!! The time is flying! The penguin pic is perfect. Happy but freaking cold too! Winter has hit Colorado Springs pretty hard. SO COLD! And snowy. I can handle the cold. Even -12. I can always put on more clothes. But the snow and ice, no thank you. This Arkansas native cant drive in this stuff!! It makes me so nervous. But I try to be calm and just drive. And poor Rigel!! His little feet and his tiny nose! I know he misses Arkansas.

I have about XX days until Joe comes home. I also have about the same amount of XX days until my classes are finished for this term. So I really want Joe to be home. Really really really want the days to slip by until he's here. But... at the same time, I have SO MUCH work to do for school by then too. I have to get my butt in gear!!

A year ago, when Joe was leaving, a good friend was about to welcome her husband home. Many other friends have welcomed their husbands home in the last 11 months. Its so hard to be happy for others when you're speeding towards a deployment like the days just wont slow down. Most of us have been there. While many are wishing the days would fly by, others are wishing they would just stop. But somehow, most Army wives are able to work with both. I still feel so bad wishing the days away while another wife is wishing they would slow down. Just know we're thinking about you, and we were all there (at least) once, we understand, and are here for you if you need ANYTHING!!

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