Friday, July 15, 2011

579 Days

I was complaining to a co-worker today about how much Joe hates the Army and how much we are looking forward to him getting out and going to school. This particular co-worker is 48 years old and retired from the Army as an E7, SFC. He said that most people don't think civilian life is easy after being in the Army. And then another co-worker asked me if I was scared for Joe to get out and be a "civilian" again.



What is there to be scared of?? I cannot wait to be through with this crap. I hate that my husband is unhappy. I don't care what our "benefits" are, they aren't as important as my husband's happiness and safety. This life isn't normal. Most people pay for their own rent, insurances, medicine, doctor's appointments. No matter how awesome Tricare is, it's not worth Joe deploying again. It's just not.

Joe is going to go to school when he gets out. I will have a real job and supporting us while he decides what he wants to do outside of the Army. No PT. No worthless chain of command making policy for 100 people without a second thought. No two-month long schools or training. No stupid Soldiers calling us all the damn time. No deployments. NO DEPLOYMENTS. No bunkers or raids or having a marraige over Skype. How is this harder than the Army? Someone tell me because I would really like to know.

I've been married to Joe for 4 years. Before that, I was just a regular person. Paying rent. All my insurances. Paying for prescriptions. And not worrying about my husband going to war.

I'd like to get back to that please.


Shana said...

I totally understand - Military life has it's plus' but I love living off post and not having to deal with anyone other than my spouse as far as chain of command.


Shayla said...

Oh girl, I SO understand.

My hubby currently hates this life he lives on a ship- and outsiders dont understand. Even my sister-in-law who is a ship wife says "he should stay in to build character" . . .um noo he gets sweared at daily, stabbed in the back, calls during our time time together to go up to the ship for bullcrap and they dont give a crap about the fact that he is married. There have been 3 divorces in the past 3 months on his ship of a 12 man crew. He is miserable. We feel like civillian life would be such a blessing!

My Secret To Happiness said...

wow girl. i couldn't agree more. while there are lots of things about the military life that i truely love, they come nowhere near being as important as my hubs & my happiness. no matter how great things can be, nothing is worth another deployment (& this one isn't even over yet) or us being forced to live our marriage through distance.

Tammy Munson said...

i don't know about most but our transition to civilian life has been pretty easy. In fact, its been better than Army life. The only thing we really had to adjust to was paying for utilities and all the other extra the army took care of for us.

Dan is home everyday at 1630 (unless some medical equipment breaks, or he is on call ) and every weekend. Yes there are some times I wish he had an FTX or TDY to do but I'll gladly take him being around all the time. : )

The one thing I miss about the Army -- is hanging out with my Army wife friends like YOU!