Sunday, July 17, 2011

End of the Customs Form Era

We have some pretty awesome neighbors here now. We had a neighbor deploy to Afghanistan a few weeks ago. He just called our other friend with an update and an address. This other friend isn't Military. He just came over with this APO address, told me it was gibberish, and asked for help. Finally my deployment knowledge comes in handy!

I grabbed my stack of customs forms and started to organize how the APO address is written out. I gave our neighbor the rest of the customs forms and the 4 extra flat rate boxes I had left when Joe came home. He was so impressed with my knowledge of care packages. And was super surprised that I used to send Joe toilet paper and wet wipes. As much as my friend cares about his Soldier buddy, he has no idea what our brave service members go though. I told him just a little bit of what I used to send Joe and he was blown away. I offered to help him pack the first couple of boxes so he could get the hang of what the guys needed and what isn't allowed (like aerosol cans).

But the awesome big news is that I dont have any customs forms in my house any more!! Hopefully the deployment phase of our life is completely over!!


Shana said...

I threw my last batch in the trash yesterday!!!! I have never been so happy in my entire Army Wife life!


My Secret To Happiness said...

i absolutely can't wait until that faze it out of my life as well!! when this deployment is done, i'm hoping thats the end to it all!!