Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to your normal.....?

I was slightly put off by something my mother said, until I actually thought about it. With Joe gone again, she asked me if I found my normal again yet, my old routine. I don't want Joe being gone to by my "normal." But yeah... it is. Sadly.

We were here together for two months before Joe deployed. A year by myself. Joe home for five months. Gone for another two. So as far as Colorado is concerned, "alone Sara" is the normal Sara. Of course I was dumb enough to bring this conversation up to Joe. And of course that upset both of us. Even when he's gone, he doesn't feel gone. He's very good about texting and calling (and Skyping while in Iraq). We talk constantly. I miss him like nuts. But we still try to have a marriage while he's gone.

If he has more training, like JRTC, and then deploys again, I swear I will flip out. Another deployment doesnt look possible at this point, but you never know with the Army, right?

Although, I did read something about 9 month deployments and 24 month dwell times. Wouldn't that be awesome!! But like my mother said, with the state of the economy at the moment, the department of defense might not have the funds to participate in any "wars" after too much longer. Stupid government.

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Expat Girl said...

I often think about this, I don't think there is a normal when you go through what all of us do but I do worry that Iwill get more used to him being gone than being at home : (