Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bad Blogger

I never blog anymore guys, I am so sorry!

So how about a quick little update?

I'm *still* in school. This is finals week as a matter of fact. I have a 10-page paper due. I'm actually kinda excited about it - nerd alert! I got my book in the mail for my LAST class next term to complete my course work. Then I have a thesis to complete. The thesis will have a survey online. I need as many participants as possible. So please be on the lookout for that about March. I will be spamming online so bad, you wont miss it. I need a couple thousand participants. Yeah, thousand! I have faith in my online friends to pass the word around though. :)

Work is still work. Making it possible to go to school - which is what really keeps me going.

Joe has a pretty final terminal leave date. 384 DAYS until he's done with the Army. I CANT WAIT!! It's possible for us to be home for next Christmas. Again.... I CANT WAIT!!! We're so done with the Army, I cant even begin to tell you. You can send me hate mail about it all day long, I dont particularly care anymore. I'm so sick of the shit they put their Soldiers through. Joe deserves better.

I cant believe it's December already! Where did this year go? We're in super holiday mode around here this year! We're making up for last year when Joe was gone. We have all the "stuff" we want. Joe got his video games and his huge TV. I got my new phone and two fondue pots.... and tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra!!! We will be going in just a few days. I am SO excited!! I will try to remember to take pics for you all.

Well, gotta get on that paper now... hope ya'll have a good weekend!


Julie @ Soldier's Wife, Crazy Life said...

That is so cool you can so your survey online! Back when I was finishing my BA I had to hand out like 200 surveys. It was nuts!

I hope the next 385 days fly for you!

Sara said...

Wow, where there enough typos in that post? I didnt even have time to proof read it.

Yeah, with our hypothesis, we need people from all over the country, so an online version was really the only option. I cannot wait to get started!