Sunday, December 25, 2011

Every Third Year

Every third year I get a GREAT Christmas. Thankfully, that was this year!! Two Christmases ago we were in the middle of a PCS and literally homeless, staying at a Holiday Inn Express (ironic, no?). We had Christmas breakfast at the Village Inn where I cried over my hot chocolate because I missed my family. I'm pretty sure we have pizza delivered for Christmas dinner.

Last year Joe was deployed and I was 14 hours away from my closest loved ones. 'Nuff said.

This year... finally!! A good Christmas in my warm home with my husband and favorite dog. We went back to TW Village Inn for breakfast just because why not. And then we played around at home, watched movies, played new video games and made a great fondue feast that couldn't be beat.

So fast forward a year: Joe's terminal leave starts Dec 22, 2012. So we'll be on the road home that day. Hopefully we'll be back in AR by Christmas Day. Fingers crossed. We will more than likely be homeless again. But we'll have family to stay with until we find a house to buy.

Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope your day was spent with your special people (and dogs)!

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Mrs. F said...

YAY!!! for a fun Christmas!! This was the first time in three years that my Coastie did NOT have duty. . .he was supposed to, but they let him stay home after all :)