Saturday, December 17, 2011

Patriot Surplus product review

So a few weeks ago, during all the craziness that is my life, I was contacted by Patriot Surplus to do a product review. I made the huge mistake of letting Joe know about it, and of course he checked out the website and begged me for a machete. Such a boy thing to want, right?? Not sure where he's going to use the machete while we live in this apartment in the middle of Colorado Springs, but he's convinced that he needed one. But we know for sure it will be used when we move home to Arkansas and help my parents clear bush out on their farm.

This is the machete he got. You can check it out on their website HERE.

I thought it was awesome that they actually listed Soldiers on the packaging. :-)

Joe wanted the one with the knuckle guard so he knew he wouldn't hit his knuckles more than necessary on the (hypothetically) bush that needs to be cleared. He said it's a good weight, and feels like he could have a good grip and control over the machete. Know any hunters? This would come in very handy while planning trips to deer stands or to duck blinds.

If Joe hadn't decided immediately he wanted a machete, there are so many other things to chose from. Military equipment, paintball gear (for that teen in your life), weapon accessories, outerwear for hunting or camping, they even have engraved military rings with your branch insignia. They have it all, I def recommend checking their site out. Click HERE!

And it shipped amazingly fast. Even in this holiday postal fiasco, it arrived at my house in only a few days.

"Hey Joe, I need a quote for the blog review."
"Tell them it's really cool."
"Got anything else? Stop playing with the big knife and think about
something for me to write."
"Sara, it's not a big knife, it's a machete. And machetes are just cool,
the guys will understand."
"Thanks for being so amazingly helpful."

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