Friday, June 29, 2012

3-Year Blogiversary!!!

I've been writing on this blog since June 29, 2009. I was living in Kansas, Joe was stationed at Fort Riley.

This really is bittersweet for me. The more I sit here and think about ending this blog, the sadder I get.

What are you talking about Sara?

Well, this time next year, 2013, I will no longer be an Army wife. As much as that THRILLS me to no end, the time I was an Army wife was quite an experience. I just don't want to do it anymore, mostly for Joe's sake. When I married him 5 years ago, we both thought he was a lifer. I signed up for 18+ more years of deployments, PCSs, training schedules, stupid Soldiers, stupid leadership -- LOL, all of it. But when Joe was in Iraq, his attitudes changed. I'm not going to go into his reasons, but he didn't want to be a lifer anymore. We would finish his current contract and then be done. So I went back to school. And we have a wonderful plan.

But there is so much the Army has exposed me to. I know more about the military than I ever wanted to. I know more about what Soldiers and families go through. And I will never forget that or take it for granted as most civilians do. I have been able to live in two beautiful places. And make WONDERFUL friends along the way. To think I would never have met Mandy and Tammy is just unbelieveable. I have learned more about myself, about how to be a strong woman, standing behind her husband when needed, but being able to step forward when needed.

I will treasure these experiences.

I started writing this post on Friday, June 22nd, before the big wildfire that developed near my town. The initial plan for the blogiversary was to offer a giveaway of three giftcards to three different winners. I've decided not to do that now. I'm going to take the money I was going to giveaway and donate it to the  local Red Cross and the local Humane Society. The Red Cross here has worked so quickly and so hard to set up shelters for the evacuated citizens and supplying them with meals. But also, it's greatly touched me how much the town has done for the furry citizens of our town. These groups need to be recognized as well. So I am sorry to disappoint everyone who was expecting a giveaway, as most bloggers do for their blogiversary, but I think the money could be better spent on this community and the people who never stop helping those in need.

If you want to help this great state, there are a few links you can visit to donate:
Thank you in advance to anyone who does donate their time or money.

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Chantal said...

I'm from Colorado Springs and it breaks my heart to see this happen! I'm glad you're donating the money!