Monday, June 25, 2012

Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga mat review

So a few weeks ago Eileen, the Director of Marketing for Aurorae Yoga, contacted me about a review of a yoga mat. So as you all know, I'm moving back to Arkansas in a few weeks. I have a friend there who keeps begging me to start a new yoga class with her when I get back. While in college, I tried the yoga thing for about 6 months before I graduated and moved to Kansas. I am naturally very flexable and would like to improve what I have and get back into yoga before I try to get pregnant. So I agreed to go with my friend when I move back. So the very next day I got an email from Eileen. So now I REALLY have to go to yoga class because I have this awesome new Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga mat! So what's the very first thing I did when I got it? I laid on it. I know it sounds weird, but being 5'10", nothing is every long enough for me. But this mat is very long!! In the Cobra position (I think that's what it's called, I haven't been in a class in a few years though), I can point my toes at the end of the mat and place my hands, palm down, right where they need to be. Also, the mat doesnt move around, even on the carpet. My feet didn't budge either. I tried all the positions I remembered. The mat didn't stretch or twist. I am very impressed!

Please ignore the toe nail polish, I need to redo them.
Some Product Features I think are very cool:
. Exciting New Northern Lights Design that Illuminates Energy/ w Golden Sun Focal Icon

. PER Eco Safe and Biodegradable material/ SGS approved, world’s largest testing agency
. Extra Long 72" x 24" Wide and 5 mm thick to absorb impact on joints
. No odor, durable and long lasting
. Each individual mat has a uniqueness of its own and no two mats are exactly the same
This is a picture from their website. I just love all the different colors!

They have so many products - Check out their website HERE.
I was sent the Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga mat in Sunset. It's so cool! The only other yoga mat I've ever owned was dull blue. This one is just so bright and fun!

And of course I cant do anything without Rigel wanting to be a part of it too. :-)

Need a new yoga mat? I highly suggest you check out the Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga mat! You can buy one here >>> They are a family-run business that sells top reviewed yoga mats, accessories and props on They were founded in October 2009 and pride themselves on top rated service to their customers. I am always looking for buy from family-run businesses. Their customer support is always top notch and you can tell they care about their products. Aurorae is no different.

In full disclosure, I was sent a Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga mat in return for a honest revew.

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