Friday, June 15, 2012

Target Shipping BEWARE!

So after seeing a friend from Kansas post about her baby registry and getting an invitation in the mail about another registry, I decided that I might sit down and order something for them. They are both registered at Target, which I love anyway.

I ordered for one friend, no problem.

Then picked out some stuff for the other friend. $23 of lovely stuff. Entered my card number... then noticed that Target was going to charge my card $52! Whoa whoa whoa! WHAT?? Says shipping will be $28 for only $23 of stuff. And it's just going to Kansas, not an APO or something! So I went back to the shipping area to see what was going on. I find this message about the shipping dropdown boxes:
"We've set all your items to automatically ship at the lowest cost to you. If you'd like to get some items faster, you may be able to upgrade the shipping method."
So my shipping options are standard, premium, and express. They are currently set to premium. So the website thinks this is the lowest cost or something?? So I change all the dropdown boxes to standard. And the shipping price drops... surprise surprise to $10 - not $28!
I would like to believe this is a website problem and not Target trying to scam people who aren't paying attention. But the first order I placed, the shipping was set to standard. I didn't look when I was checking out because it was only $5. But in the email they sent me I can see it's standard shipping. So why standard for one and premium for another? It was the same amount of stuff. Going basically the same distance, although to different states.

Thankfully I caught it. Just wanted to blog so that others will know to keep an eye on it when checking out.

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