Friday, June 15, 2012

Participants needed: male OEF/OIF/OND Veterans & Partners

So while pimping out my study, I ran into Valerie Maine on Twitter at @LifeAfterCombat. She is a fellow graduate student studying post-combat adjustment issues, specifically issues related to couple and family adjustment. She needs a very specific population, and I KNOW you guys can help her. She needs male OEF/OIF/OND Veterans to take her anonymous survey about adjusting to their relationship after deployment. There are two different versions of the survey - one for the veteran and one for the Service member's partner. Joe and I took it. It says the survey takes 30 minutes, but it didn't take us that long at all. Ten minutes, tops.

Since I am in hard core data collection mode, I completely understand the frustration of survey participants so I wanted to help her spread the word about her survey since so many of you are partners of veterans. I know it's hard to get your husband to take a survey. But this is for a good cause. And you're helping a grad student reach her goal. So please take just a few minutes to take the survey and then call your husband in (if he's been deployed since 2001) to take it too PLEASE!!!

For the veteran version of the survey-- go to
Female partners can go to to take the survey.

She's also on Facebook if you want to check her page out.!/pages/Post-Combat-Couple-Adjustment-Study/175674532486655

You all know how important the mental health of our Armed Forces is to me. This is just one more person who cares about the mental health of your husband and your relationship when he returns from war. We all know things change, and it's about time that someone is focused on that. So please help her out. Thank you in advance!

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