Saturday, September 1, 2012

Online Scentsy Party!

It's September 1st!! And what does that mean?


Plus yours truly is hosting an online scentsy party through my good friend, Patty, you might know her as @mommytaco on Twitter. So here's the link to my party.

I cannot even express the delight I have about the new products! I must admit, I enjoy the Fall/Winter scents more than the Spring/Summer collection. I'm a sucker for Fall scents, making my house smell all holiday-ish!

Speaking of holidays, I have a HUGE family and we do a gift swap where we all have a price point so no one over or under spends for the holidays. Tell me where you can get something for that cousin you see three times a year....? Or your mother in law? SCENTSY!! Everyone loves Scentsy. I have gotten so many family members a Scentsy system for Christmas and they are always thrilled to be in the Scentsy family!

The one new scent I am excited about? APPLE PRESS!! "The smell of crisp fall days: crunchy apples, juicy pears, and just a hint of the last full roses of the summer." Can you just imagine!?!?

I am also excited about some new warmers! 



And Scentsy is bulking up their Silhouette Collection! I personally think this is a great idea. You only have to buy one "glowing core" and then there are all these differed "wraps" that you can buy for only $12! Check them out HERE. So instead of buying different full priced warmers for each season, you can just swap out these super cute wraps! And this season, there are holiday wraps!!
AND, as if that wasnt enough reason to check out the new catalog, Scentsy greatly expanded their personal care fragrance line! Click HERE to see if your favorite scent is now a body care product! My favorite is there now and I am SO excited!!
There are really just too many new fun things to list and show so please go to the site to see what's new!

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