Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jewel Kade Party Time!!

Have you heard of Jewel Kade? Yeah, me neither, until a fellow Army wife started selling it. Do you know Megan from Megan Dub-Yuh?
We've all been invited to the usual jewelry party. And they have some very nice things. But it's just not my style, ya know?
So I was kinda curious about Jewel Kade. With one glance at the website, I knew I was in trouble. Jewel Kade isn't like the usual jewelry. Their products are artsy and unique. There's an Old World twist on these beautiful charms and necklaces and bracelets and rings.
My very first order from Megan's website (my pic as well)
I am all about personalization so I was thrilled when I found these two charms!! I have my initial on everything I buy (probably more true that it should be) and the Eiffel Tower? Did you know I'm from Paris (Arkansas, that is)? I found this combo on the website and LOVED it, so I personalized it and it became mine. I think the next charm I order will be the "key" charms that are in style right now.

This is just ONE of the key charm / styles they have in the shop. (pic from website)

Can I also tell you how happy I am that there are loooong chains available?!? I'm fairly tall and it's hard to find long chains for the right look. But not at JK!

I also have this charm, but it's not in my possession yet. (pic from website)
There are so many different types of charms!! And HELLO!! Double-sided!! So the butterfly (Golden Wings in the shop) is unique in my life too for a couple of reasons. One is fairly personal, but the other reason is because of where I live. We have a special butterfly on our local mountain, Mount Magazine. So this charm is a perfect pairing with the Eiffel Tower.

I WANT for my future house! (pic from website)
And finally, the CANVASES!! Okay, I cannot get enough of this create-your-own website. You type it in and they let you preview it all. There are so many different styles and templates to choose from. They come in different sizes and prices as well. And while they are a tad pricy, this would be the PERFECT gift for a special occasion - weddings, birthdays, baby gifts, Christmas, housewarming, etc. I really really really want this one!!

But anyway, the point of all of this is that I am hosting a party through Megan and I wanted to share this awesome jewelry line with you all.

View the online catalog at When you are ready to checkout make sure to click on the ATTACH MY ORDER TO A PARTY button and select my name! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will hunt the answer down for you!

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