Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Deployment "readiness"

I was already in bed last night when Joe came to bed. We were snuggling when all of a sudden I get a random question.

"Sara, I'm probably deploying in March. Are you ready?"

How do you answer your husband and a question like this? So my response?

"Sweetie, I'm not deploying. You are. Are YOU ready?"

And maybe that's exactly what I was supposed to say (psychology degree finally paying off!). I think he needed to talk about the deployment and our relationship. We joked and poked fun at the deployment and a long distance marriage. We talked about coming home and acclimating to "normal" life. We talked about OPSEC and phone calls. We talked about expectations.

I was afraid that Joe wouldnt talk about some things. He's a very private person; not quick to express his feelings and fears. He's not one to show weakness, even to me, his wife and girlfriend of almost a decade! We have a great relationship, and do long distance very well. Joe was in Germany for two years. And between phone cards and Yahoo! messenger, we did pretty good. But it means a lot to me that he wants to make sure I'm ready or prepared for the possible outcome. I will always hope for the best. But I think he knows it's my nature to prepare for the worst. So on this Thanksgiving Eve, I am thankful for a realistic, loving, supportive husband who loves me enough to open up and talk about his fears and worries.
I love you sweetie! And I'll be as ready as I can be when that day comes.


Julie said...

That is so great you guys are talking about it! It sounds like you have some great communication going and that is such a good thing!

*~Brittnee~* said...

My husband had gone to Italy for 3 weeks for training and when we came back we found out I was pregnant. A week later he had a drill weekend... I will never forget that evening when he came home. He sat down on the couch with me and said "Baby I might be deploying." He then proceeded to take my hands and tell me approx when, where, and how he thought he may have been volentold for this mission. When he was finished he asked me for my thoughts and told me he didn't want to leave me, essp now that I was pregnant. I searched my feelings and got the confirmation of my thoughts and replied "James we will do whatever we need to do. If you have to deploy thats fine we will make it work." I had a smile on my face and belived every word I said to him that night. Get Skype!