Monday, February 8, 2010


I got this new computer because Joe is taking his downrange with him. You can add "gadgets" to the desktop. I added a clock that will tell me what time it is where Joe is without me having to add it on my fingers. And a little weather bug sort of thing that tells me the 3-day forecast in a very cute little square. And a countdown. It's orange with white characters. I wanted to find one for the deployment year, but I found myself putting in his deployment date to test it out. I wanted to cry. It's such a short time! But I have decided that it's better to know than to guess (a motto I use throughout my life). So I'm gonna keep it up.

Joe on the other hand is trying to postpone the inevitable. He has asked me not to tell him the exact number of days he has left. It will be obvious enough soon enough. He said I didnt need to remind him that he had a limited time with the ones that mean the most to him.

On a happier note, I was looking at a calendar the other day, one that had all the months on the same page, and noticed that there were only 12 little bitty months in a year. I will hang that page up on my fridge and mark off those 12 little months as they pass. : )


Expat Girl said...

That is all you can do, stay positive and keep crossing those months off one by one, that is the best feeling I have experienced so far

HellcatBetty said...

You're looking at it in all the right ways. I have no doubt you'll both get through this deployment with the least amount of craziness possible... there's always some ups and downs, but you'll weather them just fine!

Julie the Army Wife said...

I put a counter on my desktop too!

I always use a calender during a deployment. I would get happy to check off each day. And then I would have mini countdowns too. Like to when a movie came out, a day trip, birthday or something like that.