Saturday, July 3, 2010


Day 109

I'm still coming off of my Skype date high!! Joe and I were able to video chat last night for the first time! I am still smiling.

Do to a series of events, Joe couldnt get Skype on his computer for quite some time. And then when he did, we couldnt do anything but type because he was in the CP with classified material. So last night was the first time Joe could take his computer to his room and video chat with me.

I was SO nervous! Isnt that silly?? I actually stopped to evaluated the silliness of the situation. But it had been 108 days since I had SEEN my husband, since he had seen me - with the new hair cut and glasses. It was so nice to see his face. We really needed that Skype date. I think this will open a whole new chapter of this deployment. I can see Joe occassionally, when time and Iraqi internet allows. We can feel a little closer, even though he's still so far away.


{Amanda} said...

Hooray for Skype! Isn't it fabulous?! And the video chats are so much better than just phone calls! I love it too!

Great to find another mliitary blogging lady! ♥

* *

Anonymous said...

YAY :) My hubby just left and he put skype on his ipod. We couldnt video but he was able to call my skype while in between flights. :)

Amy said...

That's awesome. So glad you finally got to "see" him again! I'm sure that will make things a little easier.