Friday, August 19, 2011

Job Hunting

All of my Twitter friends know, but I just have to share that I have a new job lined up. It's a GS position on post. I still have LOTS of paperwork and a few background checks to go through, but I'm pretty confident that it will all check out.

But I also wanted to share something I learned about job hunting on military installations. If you are looking for a job with no success, seek out your civilian personnel office on post and sign up for the PRIORITY PLACEMENT PROGRAM (PPP). You are eligable for PPP within two years of your husband's PCS orders. For example, Joe's PCS orders from Ft. Riley were CUT November 2009 (even though we didnt actually move until January 2010) so I have until November 2011 to be in the PPP. There are other requirements that the job specialist will go over with you if they apply to you. But basically, you need a copy of your sponser's orders, a copy of your marriage license, transcripts, and a resume in order to apply for this program. They look over all of your stuff and assign you a "grade". I'm sure most of you know about the GS grade system, GS1, GS2, GS3, etc. Anyway, they assign you a grade that meets all of the education and experience you have. And then an area of interest. Since I have a BA in psychology and experience in the education system, those are the two areas they are looking for me a job in.

I cant believe in the 4 years I've been married to Joe, I've never heard about this program! I told Joe about it and you know what he said?? He knew about it, but thought I was already in the program. Silly boy.

I dont want anyone out there looking for a job to let this program pass them by. If you are still within 2 years of your husband's PCS orders, I urge you to go sign up. With the job market looking like it does, it's awesome to know someone else is actively looking for a job for me too.

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FallonElla said...

I just learned about this program too, it's definitely NOT 'advertised'. Good on ya for sharing with other spouses! Good luck!!