Saturday, August 27, 2011

So much good...

I have been so busy lately! I thought I would stop here for a sec to update everyone.

I got a new (ish) job. I start on Monday. As many of you know, I work at an Education Center helping Soldiers with tuition assistance. I was a government contractor. But a GS position came open in a different section and I applied and got it!! I am so excited!

And after talking to my academic advisor, my thesis proposal was accepted!! And I had TWO people ask me if they could be on the committee! I thought I would have to go out and shop this idea around, I never thought people would be asking ME to be on the board and explore the results with me. I have the thesis handbook now and I can get started with the whole process as soon as I find one more professor to be on the committee.

It's all so exciting... yet bittersweet because Joe cant be here with me to celebrate all of these things. He's still off on TDY, but he calls me every night I don't have class. I get so excited about all of these things and I want to share. He keeps saying that all the good things happen when he's gone. It does seem like that lately. But he'll be home soon for all the good stuff.

Also.... my Scentsy party will be open until August 30th! So there's still time to participate in all the awesome deals. Most things in the catalog are 10% off. Many things are being discontinued so make sure you stock up on your faves! Also, Patty, my consultant, is letting me have a door prize giveaway! If you order through this party, you will be entered to win a 3-pack from the new Fall/Winter scents next month. That's a $14 value for free! Make sure you check out the link. Christmas is just around the corner and what you are getting your MIL or SIL who is so hard to shop for? A Scentsy warmer would be a perfect gift!

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Sara said...

That's awesome news on your thesis. Congratulations! I'm trudging through that whole process right now too. :)